Pattern Energy is committed to engaging and working with the landowners and communities that make up our renewable energy projects. As part of that commitment, we take great lengths to employ land agents and subcontractors that are some of the most experienced in their profession and who are familiar with specific issues related to renewable energy and the geographic area where we are developing these projects. All land agents and contractors are deeply trained on Pattern Energy’s core value statements, are held to the same rigorous standards as our in-house employees and must be 100% committed to adhering to the requirements of this Code of Conduct. We value our relationship with landowners and will work hard to gain your trust.

We promise that any firm or individual doing work on behalf of our company will abide by the following:

All communications and interactions with landowners and community stakeholders must be respectful and reflect fair dealing.

  • When contacting a landowner promptly identify yourself as representing Pattern Energy.
  • Do not engage in behavior that may be considered harassing, coercive, intimidating or causing undue pressure.
  • When asked to leave the property, promptly leave and do not return unless permitted by the landowner.
  • If discussions with a landowner become acrimonious, politely discontinue the discussion and withdraw from the situation.
  • Obtain unequivocal permission to enter the property for purposes of surveying or conducting environmental assessments or other activities. Clearly explain to the landowner the scope of the work to be conducted based on the permission given. Notify the landowner each time you enter the property based on this permission.


All communications with landowners must be factually correct and made in good faith.

  • Do provide maps and documents necessary to keep the landowner properly informed.
  • Do not make false or misleading statements.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, do not speculate about the answer. Advise the landowner that you will investigate the question and provide an answer later. Be sure to follow up promptly on any questions or requests.
  • If the information provided is subsequently determined to be incorrect, follow up with the landowner as soon as practical to provide the corrected information.
  • Do provide the landowner with appropriate contact information should additional contacts be necessary.


In order to ensure that Pattern Energy remains true to its commitment to open, honest and equitable treatment of landowners, we have set up a “Landowner Hotline”. Landowners can call the number below at any time to ask questions or provide feedback about their experience with Pattern employees, land agents or other contractors. An employee from the land acquisition team at Pattern Energy receives these messages and will return the call within 48 hours.

(505) 375-1324