Pattern Development is committed to engaging and working with the communities crossed by the Western Spirit Transmission Line. As part of that commitment we take great lengths to employ a team of right of way acquisition agents that are some of the most experienced in their profession and who adhere to the code of conduct set forth by the American Association of Professional Landmen. Our agents also have been deeply trained on Pattern Development’s core value statements and are held to the same rigorous standards as our in house employees.

Please see below for a summary of the code of conduct all of our land agents abide by.

What should I expect from a Landman representing the Western Spirit Transmission Line?

Western Spirit Transmission LLC (Western Spirit)  is committed to open, honest and equitable treatment of the landowners who are asked to grant transmission line easements across their property. We value our relationship with landowners and will work hard to gain your trust.

Western Spirit Transmission LLC will provide landowners with information regarding the appraised value of the easement, reasonable time for a landowner to reach a decision and opportunities to discuss technical modifications to the line routing as well as arrive at an agreeable easement valuation. We are hopeful that this open, honest and flexible approach to negotiation will result in much needed trust and understanding between the Western Spirit Transmission project and the landowners which it affects.

If the parties are unable to agree after good faith negotiations, condemnation remains an option of last resort. Western Spirit is committed to following the State Laws and applicable court rules regarding condemnation. At a minimum, Western Spirit will provide final easement offers, timely notice to the landowners regarding the start of condemnation proceedings, the opportunity for a landowner to perform independent valuation or to hire an attorney to represent their case in condemnation process and Western Spirit is committed to treating all landowners fairly and with respect.